October 2018

On 13th September, Margaret Szalay took members on a Memory Lane trip when she talked to us about the compilation of Remember When: Memories and Reflections of Members of Mosman Probus. Her anecdotes triggered warm memories for everyone, of Mosman shops and buildings, food and activities, long since gone.
The AGM was held before the speaker meeting. Minutes of the 2017 AGM were presented by the Secretary. President, Treasurer and membership annual reports were presented by the respective committee members. Audited financial statements were tabled by the Treasurer. New committee member, Edward Rodgers was welcomed.

...and Christmas cheer Wednesday 14th November at 7pm
Upstairs at Mosman Library.

Most Mosman residents recall Oswald Brierly as the artist responsible for the magnificent 18x10 foot mural HMS Rattlesnake in a Squall off the Island of Timor which covered a wall in the gothic mansion, The Rangers. The 1848 artwork was lost to posterity when The Rangers, at what is now the corner of Brierley and Spofforth Streets, was demolished for subdivision in 1914.

Brierly’s activities extended much further than the Rangers, however. From Eden to Windsor Castle: the Amazing Life of Sir Oswald Brierly is the subject of a talk by Bob Lawrence. It is an amazing story of adventure and accomplishment. See attached flyer.

Although it seems a little early to be talking Christmas, this will be the last speaker evening for 2018 so it is traditional for Mosman Historical Society members to celebrate afterwards with a little Christmas cake and wine, and good cheer.
Note that the November meeting will be held upstairs because of works to create a garden on the eastern side of the library.

POST BOX problems. Mosman’s postmaster has assured us that the problem resulting in some mail being returned to sender has now been corrected, so mail addressed to MHS at PO Box 39 will be safely delivered.

Wednesday 21st November at 5pm
RAWSON PARK meet at the grandstand

Your guides will be committee members who know the stories behind the pavilion and oval, Bradley Bushland Reserve, Keith Anderson’s memorial, the Scottish cairn, the drill hall etc. After an hour of slow and level walking, John Dansie will revive us with another of his famous sausage sizzles.
See attached flyer.

Knitted poppies
Melbourne women, Lyn Berry and Margie Knight began knitting red poppies to honour their fathers. The idea evolved, culminating in the Australian War Memorial’s field of 62,000 red knitted poppies to mark the centenary of the end of WWI. A group of Mosman women who met regularly at Mosman Community Garden, took up poppy knitting to contribute in memory of 1500 Mosman residents who fought in WWI. A moving presentation of their work is now on display.

Mosman Bay Harnett Quarry Group’s quest rewarded.
On 27th September, a heritage interpretation sign was unveiled by Mosman Mayor Carolyn Corrigan in the presence of former Deptuty PM Tim Fischer AC and others, marking the site of Harnett’s quarry and inclined railway. It operated 1878-1889 in what is now Harnett Park, beyond Mosman Rowers. Walls of the quarry are visible in Boyle Street and Royalist Road. The quarry was a source of sandstone for Melbourne University and other buildings, sea walls etc. The plaque is the result of the efforts of the Harnett Quarry Group, a group of interested engineers, who were tireless in their quest to have the heritage site acknowledged and marked.

(Twin brother of Archibald) 150th ANNIVERSARY of his death 5th September 1868
Several MHS members and friends travelled to Raymond Terrace on 8th September for the unveiling of a plaque at the grave of George Mosman at The Pioneer Hill Historical Cemetery. The unveiling and commemoration afterwards at Brandon House were organized by member, Debbie Higginson, a direct descendent of George Mosman. George was important to the early development of the area and his plaque makes reference to his brother Archibald’s importance to Mosman.