Military Road Mosman

Mosman Historical Society
ABN 46 401 446 847

The Society’s activities include –
An annual lecture program.
 Social events.
 Excursions and walks.
 Presenting school prizes.
 Attending to research enquiries.
 Liaising with the Local Studies section at Mosman Library.
 Publishing regular members’ newsletters.

Membership is open to everyone.

Contact Information
The Secretary
Mosman Historical Society
PO Box 39

Email mosmanhistoricalsociety@gmail.com

Research enquiries should be directed to –

Members are not charged for research. For non-members the first hour is free and a donation of $25 per hour is requested for each subsequent hour plus any additional costs.
Before making a research enquiry, please refer to Other useful Australian and New South Wales history resources.

Current Office Bearers and Committee
President Debbie Higginson
Vice President and Treasurer Stephen Palmer
Acting Secretary David Carment (also Speaker Coordinator)
Assistant Secretary Pam Lofthouse

Donna Braye (Local Studies Librarian, Mosman Library, ex officio)
Robert Clark
Gail Fitzhardinge
Amanda Gosse (Webmaster, ex officio)
Margaret Szalay (also Membership Officer and Newsletter Editor)
Lyn Tanner